meet ciara kennedy

It seems that I’ve caught your attention, wouldn’t you like to know more? Born and raised alongside the ocean, I’m all small town charm and big city heat. My personality is at once sweet, playful, lively, sharp, and down-to-earth. I able to find pleasure in the smallest of delights, and levity in the hardest of times.

Formally educated in both the sciences and the arts, my quick wit is matched only by the intensity of my passions - making for an ideal partner at both dinner and dessert. I love to engage in deep conversations, I love to laugh, and to share meaningful moments. My companionship is inspired and informed by my desire to build genuine connections. Naturally sensual and engaging, I fell into companionship by looking for work that I excel at without even trying.

In my spare time, you can find me cooking up new recipes in my kitchen, taking in a yoga class, or cozying up with a good book. Though I am young in years, I am grounded in what I want and like. I am beginning to learn that the thing I value most is freedom, the ability to spend my time how I choose, and with whom I choose. I hope it is you!